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  • Unmatched Phenolic Resin Application Expertise

    Hexion’s Bakelite® family of phenolic resins are proven in a broad range of applications and are the industry-standard in areas as diverse as refractories and composite parts for rail interiors. With over 100 years of formulation expertise, we can also optimize our resin products to fit your specific application requirements and take your process to the next level. 

       Bakelite Phenolic Resin Applications 3
  • Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Mineral Wool Applications

    Bakelite® phenolic resins are the preferred binders for glass wool, stone wool and slag wool used in thermal and acoustical insulation for construction, as well as for insulation for industrial applications and appliances. Mineral wood manufacturers choose our products because our materials can impart important mechanical properties like softness and shape recovery as well as moisture and fire resistance to their finished wools.

    Our product line includes inorganic catalyzed resoles as well as self-reacting organic catalyzed resoles for improved storage stability, and resoles manufactured with renewable raw materials.

    Optimization of Bakelite® resin grades with our customers’ manufacturing processes help the resulting products meet the most demanding building materials regulations for indoor VOC emissions, such as the French A+.

    Bakelite® resin grades are designed to reduce process emissions OLV (occupational limit values) during mineral wool manufacturing, and to reduce the process emissions stack as required by legislation.

    Typical applications for mineral wool products made with Bakelite® resins include footfall insulating panels, facing insulation for buildings, sandwich structures for load-bearing exterior walls, lightweight roofing structures above hall areas, cores for fire resistant and fireproof doors, and insulation of steam pipes. 




    Application ProductBenefit
    Glass WoolStone WoolPre-Reacted Improved Substrate Matrix AdhesionIncreased Water Repellency of Finished GoodImproved Resistance to PunkingIncreased Product ShelflifeLow Free Monomer ContentImproved Binder Mix ConsistencyIncreased Binder Mix Processing Window
       Bakelite® D_IB-1359E       
       Bakelite® D_IB-1383E       


    Additional products are available for this application. Please contact Customer Service for information.