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    Our NextGen EpoxyTM Waterborne system offers coatings performance comparable to solvent-borne systems while meeting stringent Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) regulations.


    Too often these Waterborne systems have a high price tag.  We understand the competitive landscape of your marketplace and are proud to offer a premium system that doesn’t demand a premium price.


    Suggested Applications:

    • Concrete coatings for floors, walls and garages
    • Railway coatings
    • Industrial Maintenance coatings for metal
    • Automotive Parts (underbody)
    • ACE – Agricultural and Construction Equipment coatings

    The NextGen Epoxy™ Waterborne System is  the combination of EPI-REZ™ Resin 7520-WD-52 with EPICURETM Curing Agent 8530-W-75.

    Key features of this cost-effective waterborne epoxy system:

    • Improved balance of cost & performance
    • Lower VOC coatings for concrete or metal (<100 g/L VOC)
    • Longer pot life (5 hours at more than 95 units at 60º gloss) 
    • Superior corrosion resistance (1000 hrs. on CRS at 3-4 mils DFT)
    • Lower curing agent demand (1 part CA : 8 parts Resin by weight)
    • Superior freeze/thaw stability (Passes 3+ Cycles; -5 C° to 23 C°) 

    NextGen Waterborne System Product Bulletin


    leaf1 Look no further. The next generation of waterborne epoxy technology is here.