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  • A Range of Solutions for Your Oilfield Operation

    Hexion offers solutions for the life of your well. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes solutions to enhance the drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production phases of your operation.

    Reservoir to Refinery Infographic
  • Well Stimulation

    As the potential for increased well stimulation through hydraulic fracturing began to be recognized in the 1980s, Hexion provided a complete line of resin coated proppants to optimize treatments. Today, we continue to lead the way with advanced products that increase fracture flow capacity and enhance hydrocarbon recovery in a range of wells. We also offer fines control agents to improve well stimulation during acidizing.


    Hydraulic fracturing photos courtesy of Baker Hughes Incorporated. 
  • well-stimulation-high-closure-stress-conditions 

    Well Stimulation – High Closure Stress Conditions

    As more high high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) wells (above 12,000 psi) are drilled, the use of resin coated ceramic proppants has become essential. This is due to their ability to help control fines generation and migration, eliminate proppant flowback, and perform under cyclic stress conditions better than uncoated ceramics.


    Hexion Inc. offers our XRT™ (eXtreme Resin Technology) Ceramax™ proppants that are specially formulated to improve the flow capacity of HPHT wells. 

    Proppants for Well Closure Stresses Higher Than 12,000 psi

     Highest strengthHigh fracture flow capacitySuperior resistance to cyclic stressExcellent proppant flowback controlLower cost lightweight ceramic
    XRT™ Ceramax™ P     
    XRT™ Ceramax™ V     
    XRT™ Ceramax™ E