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  • Product Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

    product-solutions-for-the-oil-and-gas-industry The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Hexion Inc. offers three main product families for the oil and gas industry—resin coated proppants, including both sand and ceramics, along with fracture diagnostics; performance additives used in drilling, cementing and stimulation; and production chemicals, specifically hydrogen sulfide scavengers.


    To learn more, watch our “Innovative Oil and Gas Technology” video.



  • A Global Leader in Resin Coated Proppants

    Hexion Inc.’s OTG provides a wide variety of innovative proppants designed for a variety of wells including curable sand and ceramics as well as precured sands. Consolidation aids and fracture diagnostics solutions are also available. As a global leader in advanced resin technology with years of industry experience, we will help you get the most production out of your well by choosing the right product.

    To learn more, watch our “Leaders in New Proppant Technology” video, or read E&P’s technical article entitled “Proppant Management and Improved Return on Investment.” 
     Proppant Management and Improved Return on Investment



  • Fracture Diagnostics

    PropTrac℠ Fracture Diagnostics Service determines propped fracture height utilizing advanced resin coated proppants. This product does not incorporate radioactive tracer materials like conventional tracers. No special environmental or safety precautions, permits or regulatory compliance is necessary. Logs can be run as often as desired during the life of the well. This solution provides very accurate results since the tagging material is built into the resin coating of every proppant.


    To learn more, watch our “PropTrac Diagnostics” video.