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    Hexion’s wax emulsions can be custom formulated to meet a range of needs in many applications across a variety of industries. In addition, our products are nonflammable and emit less fumes and vapors. With proprietary specification criteria and formulations developed by our technical experts over decades of experience, our specialty wax emulsions have a reputation for being the best in the business.


    Composite Panels

    Hexion is a leading producer of specialty wax emulsions for composite wood products, principally oriented strandboard (OSB), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard.

  • For OSB mills, our wax emulsions provide optimum performance at reduced costs compared to molten slack waxes. Our products meet the requirements of standard PB/MDF mills. Hexion’s Bord’N-Seal™ wax emulsions is a specialty product line that achieves equal, or greater, control over water absorption and thickness swell compared to standard wax emulsions or molten wax while delivering low-foaming properties at a lower total applied cost.


    Wax is used in the engineered wood industry for two principal reasons— water resistance and lubrication. Wax provides additional control over water absorption and thickness swelling in a finished board, especially along the edges. This temporary water resistance is important when boards are left outside at a job site or exposed to water prior to and after installation. To ensure dimensional stability, board manufacturers must meet strict accreditation requirements on thickness swell and water absorption.


    Wax also provides lubrication during the manufacturing process to the individual fibers or flakes that make up composite boards, allowing individual particles/flakes to be transported more easily from the blender through the press.



    Packaging and Converting

    Hexion’s specialized series of wax and wax-resin systems for use in the packaging and converting industries are helping manufacturers of flat board stock and multi-ply paperboard, using recycled pulp, to achieve remarkable results.


    These specialized emulsions impart wet strength and water resistance, improve surface finish, help create higher levels of opacity for white stock, and improve crush strength.


    Industrial Processing

    Hexion’s wax finds its way into industrial processing as release agents sprayed on the inner walls of blenders, presses and other equipment to stop process materials from sticking and thus make cleanup quicker and easier.



    Removal of the barrier is easily accomplished with hot water or steam leaving the equipment ready for its next application saving on costly cleanup time. Hexion release agents are used to prevent unwanted adhesion throughout the manufacturing process.


    Hexion manufactures wax emulsions for use in many coatings applications. Compatibility with formulations is rigorously tested and validated across the diverse network ensuring reliable back-up supply for production facilities. Hexion provides wax emulsions for use in coating and release applications for multiple industries. Spray-on coatings for industrial processes aid in the cleanup and maintenance of equipment by creating a temporary protective barrier between the substrate and the plant environment. 


    Food-Grade Applications

    Hexion produces several emulsions that may be used as a component of a food packaging adhesive—under the conditions defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (21 CFR 175.105, 176.170, and/or 176.180). Please consult the FDA regulations for other specifications and limitations which may apply.


    Gypsum Wallboard

    Hexion’s wax emulsions can be added to the stucco of gypsum and other ingredients, and is dispersed throughout the slurry. Our wax remains dispersed as the stucco sets and is formed into moisture-resistant board.

    Moisture-resistant gypsum board is typically used in high moisture areas such as kitchens and baths. Hexion manufactures non-silicone wax emulsions for use in moisture resistant gypsum products that can be easily applied with less dryer buildup.


    Construction & Other Applications

    Our wax emulsions may also be used in paint and edge sealer formulations. For paints and sealants we offer a complete line of products that are consistently neutral in color and provide the formulator with maximum flexibility in pigmented applications.

    Other applications include:

    • Inks & Industrial Coatings
    • Fiberglass Insulation
    • Tires
    • Paint
    • Floor Polishes
    • Pressure Treated Lumber