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    Wax Emulsion Chemistries to Fit Your Needs

    As one of the world’s leading producers of industrial resins and adhesives, Hexion has more than 70 years of experience in creating innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. No matter the industry or application, Hexion wax emulsions bring:

    • Performance – Our customers have high expectations and Hexion’s wax emulsions help enable our customers to produce the high-performing products their customers demand.
    • Stability – A stable emulsion is critical. The stability of Hexion’s wax emulsions is significant—even in long-term storage.
    • Consistency – Load-to-load and batch-to-batch, our emulsions are consistent in solids content, viscosity and stability. This will help your products to be consistent too.
    • Applied Cost – We focus on minimizing the customer’s applied cost for our product.
    • Technical Support – A full-service technical staff, backed by regional resources, we support customers in making the best use of wax emulsions in their own processes and products.
  • Our wax emulsions provide better distribution of the paraffin molecule to more effectively cover the dry furnish of chips, flakes or fines when compared to a molten wax application. In addition, our products are nonflammable and emit less fumes and vapors.

    For a specific formulation, contact us.
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