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  • EcoBind™ Resins for Adhesive Applications

    At Hexion, we approach every customer challenge with a solutions perspective. This includes requests for “greener” product options. Since the early 1980s, we’ve worked with customers to develop chemistries that reduce emissions from wood products by 80 to 90 percent, without compromising performance.

    Our EcoBind Resin Technologies are the most recent example of our commitment to adhesives that meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards—not only for exceptionally low emissions, but also for heat and moisture resistance, strength and durability, and production efficiency.


    Ultra-low emitting urea formaldehyde (UF) resin systems

    Our UF resins help product manufacturers in the construction, furniture, moulding and millwork industries meet the strictest global standards.


  • Ultra-low emission phenol formaldehyde (PRF) systems for engineered wood

    This proprietary scavenger system locks up free formaldehyde, helping customers to achieve an E0 rating, while maintaining high performance standards for structural wood products. Because of this combination of properties, our PRF adhesive has become a standard for the I-beam and glulam markets and serves as the benchmark for structural and heat performance.


    "No-added UF" adhesives including PVAs, EPIs and hot melt systems

    Hexion also offers a complete range of "no-added UF" solutions optimized for various applications. Our proprietary emulsified-phenolic-loaded PVAs (polyvinyl acetates) provide high heat performance for assembly applications. They also tolerate much higher moisture content and provide an extra measure of durability. Hexion's unique EPI (emulsion polymerized isocyanate) adhesive delivers world-class performance for wood-to-wood and wood-to-nonwood applications with no added formaldehyde.


    Cascorez Adhesives

    Cascorez® amino resins and emulsion adhesive systems may optimize your paper, vinyl, foil lamination and wrapping production. Cascorez resin and catalyst systems make hot and cold pressing veneered panels and hot-roll-laminating paper foils simpler. 


    • Hexion’s adhesive solutions support panel bonding applications such as: 
    • Hardwood plywood panels and flooring,
    • Paper and vinyl foil laminating and wrapping,
    • Laminate flooring construction and installation,
    • High-pressure lamination and metal bonding and
    • Fire-rated applications for specialty panels.


    Cascorez adhesives may be used for dry-use applications for banding frames to core, and for edge banding architectural doors. These adhesives may also bond dissimilar materials.


    Wonderbond Waterborne Adhesives 

    Wonderbond® waterborne products may be used for maximum efficiency and performance, and will bond lumber where clamp carriers or radio frequency presses are used.

    Our Wonderbond waterborne adhesives may be used for finger jointing, face- and edge-gluing wood materials for exterior window and door components regularly exposed to cold and damp. Whether hot or cold pressed, there is a Wonderbond adhesive formulation that may optimize your construction application.

    If your application requires the special properties of hot melt polyurethanes, our products may also offer that option.