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  • Performance Adhesive Chemistries

    ...for more than just wood


    Hexion is one of the leading suppliers of adhesive systems to producers of structural wood components. Our success is the result of a total solutions approach to meeting customer needs. This includes offering an extensive portfolio of chemistries tailored to meet a variety of functional requirements.


    Wood-Adhesives-Performance-Adhesive-Chemistries-03 Customers can choose from the following adhesive options:


    • Casein – natural, bio-based alternative 
    • Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate (EPI) – two-part solutions for a variety of applications
    • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate – easy-to-use, one-part systems for internal, dry-use applications
    • Melamine-based Resins – excellent moisture resistance and strength make them ideal for everything from cabinet veneers to structural finger jointing
    • Phenol Resorcinol-based Resins – an industry standard for structural engineered wood applications such as I-beams and glulam which must retain excellent thermal stability
    • Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) – two-part and one-component resins for a variety of applications
    • Resorcinol-based Resins – primarily used in structural, exterior applications
    • Urea-based Resins – proven, cost-effective solutions for many interior, Type II applications
  • Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Adhesives


    Hexion offers a variety of polyvinyl acetate platforms optimized for specific application environments and product performance requirements. These include two-part, emulsified phenolic formulations, two-part emulsions and one-component products.


    Two-Part, Emulsified Phenolic PVAs


    • Strong, Type 1 adhesive
    • Great boil and heat resistance
    • Easy-to-use, cost-efficient alternative for structural finger-jointed studs and fire doors
    • Excellent option for WDMA Hallmark certification of windows and flush doors

     Standard, Two-Part PVAs


    • Separate catalyst enhances durability
    • Emulsion sets by water loss, then crosslinking
    • Long pot life
    • Easy cleanup
    • Light-colored glue line
    • New anti-arcing recipe

    Pre-catalyzed PVAs


    • Easy to use, no mixing
    • Interior use only (flooring, furniture, cabinetry, etc.)
    • Clear glue line
    • Hot press, cold press and radio frequency cured formats

    One-Component PVAs


    • Very easy to use
    • Emulsion sets by water loss
    • Great for bonding wood to wood
    • Interior use only
    • Inexpensive compared to other PVAs and EVAs


    Cabinetry & Furniture
    • Most commonly used wood glue
    • Ideal for edge and face gluing solid wood
    • Excellent adhesion for paper laminates and foils
    • Ambient cure, heat cure and cold set formulations
    • Flexible and non-acidic


    Engineered Flooring

    • Lowest cost emulsions
    • Excellent stability over time
    • No-added formaldehyde alternative

    Laminated Flooring

    • Lowest cost emulsions
    • Excellent stability over time
    • No-added formaldehyde alternative

    Moulding & Millwork

    Finger Jointing

    • Formulations for wet and dry-use applications
    • Meets ASTM D 5572 (wet and dry)
    • Products for hot press, cold press lamination, cold set and radio frequency curing processes
    Edge Gluing and Face Bonding
    • Most commonly used carpenter's glue
    • Excellent adhesion for paper laminates and foils
    • Ambient cure, heat cure, cold set and radio frequency curing formulations

    Moulding & Millwork

    Edge Gluing and Face Bonding, continued

    • Products with additional heat resistance available
    • Meets ASTM D 5751 (wet and dry)
    • Meets ASTM D 4317 (Type 1, 2 or 3)

    Flush Door Construction

    • Superior water resistance
    • Excellent specific adhesion to a wide variety of components
    • Long open and closed assembly time tolerant formulations available
    • Burn tested products available

    Architectural Door Constructions

    • One-component and emulsified phenolic systems available, depending on fire rating requirements
    • Excellent water resistance of final bonds
    • Formulations optimized for cold set and/or hot press process applications
    • pH controlled products are constructed to assist in preventing veneer discoloration
    • Wide selection of burn tested products available


    Finger-Jointed Studs

    • High emulsified phenolic content for excellent heat resistance