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    We offer a complete line of binding resins for plywood and laminated veneer lumber, particleboard, MDF and oriented strand board. Customers can choose from a broad technology platform—including urea formaldehyde, melamine-urea formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde and no-added formaldehyde resins—based on their specific product requirements and production environment. Wax emulsions and a variety of ancillary products are also available.

  • EcoBind Resin Technology


    The EcoBind™ Alternative

    Is a builder or specifier pushing for a LEED-compliant alternative? Is reducing emissions becoming a key issue for a segment of your customer base?


    As the leading supplier of resins and adhesives to the wood products industry, Hexion understands the demand for ever more environmentally suitable products. For more than 50 years, we’ve been meeting the industry’s needs for high-performance resins. And since the early 1980s, Hexion has helped improve resin technologies and reduce emissions by 80 to 90 percent.


    Now we’re taking resin innovation one step further.


    Resins featuring our EcoBind technology can be formulated to meet or exceed all global emission standards including US HUD, European EMB and Japanese standards as well as specifications recommended by the Green Building Council and the State of California.

    We offer a range of options for plywood, particleboard/fiberboard and wood adhesive applications. 

    EcoBind for Hardwood Plywood Applications


    Hexion has long been a leader in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the hardwood plywood industry. Anticipating current demands for more efficient as well as “greener” resin products, Hexion has tapped its global technical resources to provide cutting-edge, EcoBind technology in a full range of resin systems. Our EcoBind offerings include:


    Ultra-low emitting urea formaldehyde (UF) adhesive systems

    Emissions from wood products bonded with urea formaldehyde resins have been dramatically reduced in recent years. Hexion has led the way in targeting emission reductions by focusing on four fronts: resin formulation/composition, manufacturing techniques, methods of resin use and the application of formaldehyde scavengers.

    Utilizing EcoBind technologies, we can now offer one-part, base UF resins systems that meet or exceed E-1 standards, with emission levels to 0.06 ppm and below. These products are proven in customer plants, and cost-effective. Plus, they meet emission standards for the majority of hardwood plywood applications.


    Hexion has developed a proprietary technology that works with traditional UF systems and melamine urea resins to further reduce emission levels to 0.03 ppm or below. This polymer-enhancing additive controls emissions by tying up free formaldehyde in the polymer to reduce emissions. And, because it’s an additive, not a replacement for the base resin, this technology does not adversely affect cure rates. 

    PVA/phenolic alternative

    Hexion's new soy-based adhesive system offers the durability and performance of current UF systems while meeting LEED certification requirements, all at a competitive price. The system is compatible with most current mixing and application equipment, so there’s no need to retrofit operations. Excellent bond quality has been demonstrated in hard-to-glue applications such as pine-to-pine bonding. And, the system has shown the potential to reduce core telegraphing on thinner faces.


    Composite-Binders-EcoBind-Resin-Technology-03 Whether you choose a conventional UF binding system or one of our EcoBind technologies, Hexion backs it with unparalleled technical support. The Hexion field staff is the most experienced in the industry with the expertise to assess your plant operation and optimize our products for your specific needs.


    EcoBind for Particleboard and Fiberboard Applications

    Hexion offers an extensive portfolio of technologies so particleboard and MDF manufacturers can tailor solutions with the specific performance characteristics they need in their end use products, at the appropriate cost.

    In addition to our high-value, fast-curing urea formaldehyde (UF) base resins and our moisture-resistant melamine-based (MUF and MUPF) base resins, we offer innovative EcoBind solutions so board producers can meet the most stringent “green” construction and formaldehyde emission standards. These include:

    Ultra-low emitting urea formaldehyde (UF) resin systems

    Controlling board emissions when using UF resins can be accomplished in several ways:


    1. One-part resins substituting melamine for part of the urea. Hexion currently offers low mole resins to meet E1, E0 and/or Super E0 standards using this technology. Cure rates may be slower than standard UF resins.
    2. Base UF resins with scavenger solutions. Scavengers in a urea solution can be added to a base resin to reduce emissions down to approximately E1.
    3. Scavenger resins substituted for up to 30% of a base UF resin. This technology is typically less expensive than one-part resins or scavenger solutions and can meet E1 levels at less cost.



    Hexion has developed a proprietary, polymer-enhancing additive for UF and MUF base resins that reduces formaldehyde emissions from particleboard and MDF without adversely affecting resin cure. This technology controls emissions by tying up free formaldehyde in the polymer. Because it’s an additive, and not a replacement for the base resin, it also improves efficiency.

    This technology is typically twice as effective as scavenger resins on a liquid basis and continues to be effective with resin systems at mole ratios below 1.00:1.00. Used in combination with appropriate base resins, this technology is cost-effective in meeting E1, E0 and/or Super E0 standards.

    Phenol formaldehyde (PF) resins for LEED-complimentary products
    For board manufacturers seeking LEED compliance, we offer low-alkaline, fast-curing PF resin systems.