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  • Unmatched Phenolic Resin Application Expertise

    Hexion’s Bakelite® family of phenolic resins are proven in a broad range of applications and are the industry-standard in areas as diverse as refractories and composite parts for rail interiors. With over 100 years of formulation expertise, we can also optimize our resin products to fit your specific application requirements and take your process to the next level. 

      Bakelite Phenolic Resin Applications 3

    High-Performing Composite Resin Systems for Rail Components

    From the New York City Transit System to the London Underground and across the European railway system, Hexion’s phenolic composite resins are specified for their unrivalled fire performance. Unlike alternative composite systems, Hexion’s phenolic resins are inherently flame retardant and do not require fillers, making them easier to process and lower in weight. For these reasons, our Cellobond™ resins and Phencat™ catalysts are used in a variety of components including window frames, interior linings, overhead compartments, tables and arm rests as well as more structural parts such as train fronts.

    Cellobond™ resin technology, used with Phencat™ catalysts, is designed to suit a range of composite processing techniques. We also offer a variety of finishing options, for when aesthetics are important.


    Hand LaminationInfusion MoldingFilament WindingPultrusion   Light WeightFire ResistanceReduced Smoke & ToxicityImproved Dimensional Stability
        Bus InteriorsCellobond J2027X/J2042XPhencat 382    
        Train InteriorsCellobond J2027X/J2042XPhencat 382    
        Electrical ConduitCellobond J2027X/J2042XPhencat P10, P15 or 382    
        UndergroundCellobond J2027X/J2042XPhencat P10, P15 or 382    


    Additional products are available for this application. Please contact Customer Service for information.