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  • Versatile Phenolic Resin Options for Diverse Purposes

    Bakelite® resins are available in a variety of forms such as phenolic, cresol and alkylphenol novolacs and resoles, and as powder, solvent-based and water-based solutions. By optimizing our resins’ attributes such as reactivity, moisture content, molecular weight, pH, and flow, we offer a wide range of products to fill customers’ processing and performance requirements.  
     Bakelite Phenolic Resin Products 6
  •  Bakelite® Phenolic Molding Compounds

    When they were invented over a century ago, Bakelite® phenolic molding compounds revolutionized the manufacture of household goods, such as radios and lamp cases. Molding compounds based on Bakelite® resins allowed products to be shaped into an infinite variety of contours and forms, and mass produced, while providing excellent dimensional stability and surface hardness, high temperature stability and very low flammability, and superb electrical features.

    Today, Bakelite® molding compounds continue to be used in household appliances but are also found in automotive under-the-hood parts such as pistons and pump parts and in electrical components


    Our product offering includes:

    • General purpose molding compounds
      • Organic or mineral fillers
      • Modifications to provide enhanced properties such as dimensional stability and flame resistance
      • Graphite-extended specialty products – electrically conductive with the ability to be galvanically chrome-plated
    • Specialty and glass-fiber reinforced molding compounds