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A Legacy of Innovation

Furniture-Bedding-Carpets_rightHexion provides industry leading binding resins for the plywood, particleboard and fiberboard used in flooring, furniture, cabinetry and other interior applications.


 Epoxy Coatings
 Wood Adhesives
 Wood Composite Binders

Furnishing a Safer, Sturdier, More Comfortable World

Hexion provides a wide range of products to the furniture and furnishings industries. These include:


  • A broad offering of wood adhesive solutions for cabinetry, furniture and engineered and laminate flooring
  • Polyester powder resin systems for metallic furniture coatings

No matter the industry, Hexion’s resins meet the most stringent, global air quality standards and help manufacturers meet or exceed all global regulatory requirements such as CARB 2, ½ E1 and F****.