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A Legacy of Innovation

Tire-Rubber_rightHexion has been a global partner to the tire and rubber industries for many decades providing reinforcing resins for rubber compounds and adhesion promotors bonding rubber to steel and polyester cord.

Tire & Rubber

 Epoxy Fibers & Textiles
 Phenolic Resins
 Versatic Acid & Derivatives

A Broad Range of Solutions for the Tire & Rubber Industries

Our diverse product options – including Bakelite™ phenolic resins, EPI-REZ™ epoxy resins, and Versatic™ acids – offer processing advantages for synthetic rubber production and impart enhanced properties to tires, belts and hoses.


Our range of offerings include:

  • Phenolic resins that provide tackifying and reinforcing properties and promote vulcanization
  • Versatic Acid 10 which, when combined with cobalt, is widely recognized as the ultimate solution for adhering rubber to steel cord
  • Epoxy-based adhesion promoters for  adhesion of PET cord fabric to rubber