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Chemical Manufacturing Landing Image

A Legacy of Innovation

Chem Man Feature imageAs a manufacturer of building block chemicals, Hexion is especially attuned to the supply and production challenges that other maufacturers face.

Chemical Manufacturing

 Epoxy Precursors
 Formaldehyde & Derivatives
 Versatic Derivatives

Leading Supplier of Chemical Raw Materials

Hexion produces basic and specialty chemicals for use throughout the world and in virtually every industry. Our offering includes raw materials for the production of butanediol (BDO), pentaerythritol, phenyl isocyanate (MDI), glycerol and glycidol derivatives and a wide range of resins from epoxy to polycarbonate resins.


Other chemical products include: 

  • Curing agents such as amidoamine, polyamide, aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines;
  •  Versatic acids like pivalic acid (Versatic Acid 5) and Versatic Acid 10;
  • A large selection of chemical additives, including flexibilizers, diluents, and release agents.

These chemical ingredients are backed by a deep understanding of the production processes involved, a worldwide supply network and unmatched service and support.