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A Legacy of Innovation

Electrical Equip Feature image Electrical engineers depend on Hexion to provide top-quality, cutting-edge molding compounds for their various application needs.

Electrical Equipment & Appliances

 Epoxy Casting
 Epoxy Laminates
 Formaldehyde & Derivatives
 Molding Compounds
 Phenolic Resins

The World Leader in Thermoset Technology

Hexion supplies appliance and electrical equipment manufacturers with industry-leading epoxy resin systems, molding compounds, thermoplastics and thermoset products. Our materials are found in all segments of those industries and in applications such as switches, sockets, breakers, coils, regulators, housings, control knobs, wiring and cables.

Solidified and strengthened with heat, thermoset plastics form the backbone of the electricity grid worldwide. And, being the world leader in thermoset products, our customers count on Hexion for the features they need to make their products stronger, long-lasting and efficient.

Hexion’s molding compounds, epoxy systems, thermoplastics and thermosets deliver: 

  • High strength, rigidity and surface hardness
  • Stress, media, thermal and abrasion resistance
  • Desirable insulating and electrical properties
  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent adhesion properties