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Marine Landing Image

A Legacy of Innovation

marine Demand for bigger and more complex cruise ships is increasing. The latest of these floating cities include multitudes of Hexion components in everything from cyber-cafes and elaborate spas to world-class dining facilities and rock-climbing walls.


 Epoxy Coatings
 Epoxy General Composite
 Molding Compounds
 Phenolic Resins

Strength, Protection and Longevity

Hexion resins, abrasives, composites and molding compounds are finding their way into all aspects of the marine industry—in steel and cable, fixtures and electronics, hulls and anchors, coatings and containers. Our phenolic resin systems, as well as epoxy resins, curing agents and modifiers provide the strong, protective and lasting components necessary for the marine environment and applications.


Commercial, military, cargo, research and leisure marine markets all rely on Hexion technology to help them stay abreast of market trends from extended maintenance to customization. We have formulated our materials to allow rapid application, all-weather and low-temperature utilization, and designed strength of materials to assure mobility, safety and faster return to service.


Hexion helps marine engineers deliver safety at sea with products that address: 

  • Forseeable static and dynamic forces
  • Suitability for intended purpose
  • Fire protection