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Paint Coatings Main

A Legacy of Innovation

Paint and Coatings Feature Image Long after the house is painted, the car leaves the plant, or the machinery is installed, Hexion coating resins continue to perform by protecting the appearance and conserving the long-life of both consumer and industrial goods.

Paint & Coatings

 Amino Resins
 Epoxy Coatings
 Epoxy Floor Coatings
 Formaldehyde & Derivatives
 Phenolic Resins
 Versatic Derivatives
 Wax Emulsions

Maintaining Compliance and Performance

Hexion coating resins are formulated to meet or exceed the demands of harsh conditions, like high humidity or extreme temperatures and widely varying substrates, from metal to wood to flexible plastics. No matter how demanding the environment or the end-user, our high-performance coatings meet the challenge. No one understands the chemistry required by the niche and nuance of end-use like we do.  And we support markets from major appliances and metal containers to exterior paints.

Cost-effectiveness, performance and environmental compliance keep the focus of Hexion’s attention as we push to develop superior products. By providing longer-lasting, faster-drying and higher-performing resins, we’re helping customers save both time and money—without compromising performance.

Customers worldwide turn to Hexion for practical, usable solutions, including: 

  • Resins for VOC-compliant coating systems
  • Custom formulations for unique applications