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Transportation & Aerospace

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We Keep You Moving Forward

From public transit to satellites, much is demanded of the transportation and aerospace industry, and Hexion resins, adhesives, molding compounds, thermoplastics and thermoset composites help meet them all: speed, safety, efficiency, convenience, reliability.

Heat, friction, abrasion and stress are factors addressed by Hexion innovation to develop practical functional technology. Our materials are found in brake pads, acoustical insulation, drive chains and airliner cabins. They protect surfaces from extreme temperatures, protect passengers and are resistant to water, oils and salts.

Transportation is a basic force in our society, and Hexion is there to keep it moving with products that: 

  • Decrease weight to increase fuel efficiency
  • Have high heat and pressure tolerances for safety and long life
  • Are environmentally responsible

Epoxy and Phenolic Composite Resins