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A Legacy of Innovation

Phenolic amino acidsOur phenolic resins reside in materials found in automobiles, appliances, electronics, wood products, metal castings for foundries and refractories, homes, offices, floral foams, insulation, roofs, laminates, lighting, boats and briquettes.

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Pioneering Technologies, Worldwide

Hexion is a proven world leader in phenolic and amino resins and has been at the industry forefront for over a century. Today, a global supply network, expert technical assistance, and consistently high production standards help customers make the most of our broad product offerings.


Our Bakelite® phenolic resin technology dates back to Leo Baekeland’s 1907 synthesis of the first manmade thermosetting plastic—a highly versatile material with remarkable heat resistance, surface hardness, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties. Hexion perpetuates that technological excellence through relentless R&D, providing an extensive variety of state-of-the-art Bakelite® phenolic resins optimized for our customers’ specifications over a wide range of industries.


We also offer a versatile, high-performing selection of amino resin solutions suited to numerous applications, such as wood bonding and decorative laminates.