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Wood Composite Binders Landing Image

A Legacy of Innovation

wood composite binders Products formulated with EcoBindTM resin technologies, Hexion's family of ultra-low emitting resins and adhesives, can meet or exceed the most stringent global emission standards.

Wood Composite Binders

 Oriented Strand Board

Our Goal: Meeting Yours

Looking to improve product performance and process efficiency?  Hexion is the leading global supplier of resin systems to the wood panel industry. We’ve been providing unique, innovative and value-enhancing solutions to manufacturers for three-quarters of a century.




We offer a complete line of binding resins for plywood and laminated veneer lumber, particleboard, MDF and oriented strand board. Customers can choose from a broad technology platform – including urea formaldehyde, melamine-urea formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde and no-added formaldehyde resins – based on their specific product requirements and production environment. Wax emulsions and a variety of ancillary products are also available.