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Powder Coating Curatives

EPIKURE™ Powder Coating Curatives are curing agents that are either Dicyandiamide based or Phenolic hydroxyl terminated products. They are predominantly used to cure solid epoxy resins for functional powder coating applications (pipe coatings, rebar and other industrial applications), and this series offers a wide range of formulation opportunities. The choice of curing agent will influence many processing and end performance properties. It requires therefore both a careful selection as well as an appropriate formulation, including mix ratio with the epoxy resin.


See the "Technical Data Sheets" section for information on individual products.


EPIKURE Powder Coating Curatives are used in combination with Solid Epoxy Resins to formulate dry blend powder coatings. These dry blend solid compositions can be spray applied and cured at temperatures ranging from 120 to 220°C. Those coatings are used in industrial applications to protect pipes, rebar, pumps and automotive components, and in decorative coating applications for many metal articles and household appliances.

See the "Applications & Formulations" section for Starting Formulations and additional information.


  • EPIKURE Powder Coating Curatives curing agents are available in bags quantities through our extensive distributor network.
  • Larger quantities are available directly from Hexion by contacting a Customer Service representative.


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