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Elastomer Modified Epoxy Resins

EPON™ Elastomer Modified Epoxy Resins are used in the formulations of toughened epoxy resin systems. Using standard epoxy systems in certain applications can result in embrittlement and susceptibility to crack propagation. After full cure, elastomer modified epoxy resins produce a secondary "rubber toughened" phase in the thermoset system.


Hexion offers a wide variety of EPON elastomer modified epoxy resins that are adducted with varying elastomer content. Adduction improves the overall performance, as well as the shelf stability of formulated components compared to simple blends of resin and CTBN elastomers. These EPON resins are compatible as modifiers with a variety of standard liquid epoxy resins. Optimal rubber content in the final formulated system typically might range from 1 to 50% by weight.


See the "Technical Data Sheets" section for information on individual products.


Hexion's elastomer modified epoxy resins can be combined into systems with curing agents and epoxy modifiers that incorporate flexible elements into the polymer backbone. This toughens the system by distributing internal stress over a greater area.


For an overview of epoxy resins, curing agents and modifiers recommended for toughened structural applications, refer to the "General Literature" section.



EPON elastomer modified epoxy resins have found use in a variety of high performance adhesives, sealants, laminates and composites. They improve peel strength, shear strength, thermal shock resistance and provide increased fatigue resistance.

See the "Applications & Formulations" section for Starting Formulations and additional information.


  • EPON resin products are available in drum quantities through our extensive distributor network.
  • Larger quantities are available directly from Hexion by contacting a Customer Service representative.


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