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Ultra High Molecular Weight Resins

EPONOL™ Ultra High Molecular Weight resins are used primarily in the formulations of paint coatings and in prepreg laminate varnishes. In paint coatings, they provide enhanced epoxy resin flexibility thus reducing chipping and cracking, plus they improve coating adhesion to polar substrates. For prepreg laminates, they provide better flow control during thermal curing. These products can also be used as plastic additives for promoting blends of incompatible polymers.


See the "Technical Data Sheets" section for information on individual products.


EPONOL ultra high molecular weight resins have been used in a variety of paint coatings, adhesives, laminates and composites. They provide flexibility, enhanced adhesion to polar substrates and flow control. They can also serve as a thermoplastic polymer compatibilizer.

See the "Applications & Formulations" section for Starting Formulations and additional information.


  • EPONOL resin products are available in drum quantities through our extensive distributor network.
  • Larger quantities are available directly from Hexion by contacting a Customer Service representative.


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