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Packaging & Storage of Molding Compounds


Hexion’s molding compounds are supplied in paper-poly bags with moisture barrier. Our standard packaging size is 25 kg; however special bags and filling weights are also available.



General lead time of Hexion's molding compound within Europe is four weeks. Specific lead time is to be confirmed upon request. Even non-European industrial centres are regularly supplied. Molding compounds from Hexion are available worldwide.



Since the flow/cure parameters of all thermosetting molding compounds can change when they are stored, cool and dry storage conditions are necessary for longer storage periods (temperature approximately 20°C and 50-60% relative atmospheric humidity). Durability is ensured only as long as the molding compound is kept in the original sealed batches. 

NOTE – Before processing, the molding compound should be stored for one to two days in the processing space to ensure temperature equalization in the closed bundles. Molding compounds that have leaked from damaged bundles must not be used for any reason.



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Hexion GmbH
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