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Technical Data Sheet


Re-issued August 2007



EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 3175



Product Description

EPIIKURE™ Curing Agent 3175 is a modified polyamide supplied at 100 percent solids. It is designed for use with epoxy resins to formulate high solids, two-component, ambient cure coatings. Coatings based on this resin offer long-term corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance.



  • Rapid cure response
  • Good working pot life
  • Long-term corrosion resistance
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance


Sales Specification




Test Method/Standard

Amine value



ASTM D2896

Viscosity at 25°C1



ASTM D1545




ASTM D1544







Typical Properties




Test Method/Standard

Equivalent weight, approx.







ASTM D1475















General Information

EPIKURE Curing Agent 3175, when combined with a liquid epoxy resin like EPON™ Resin 828, produces coatings which exhibit a high level of performance while providing formulated VOC’s of less than 3.0 pounds/gallon. The VOC may be lowered through the use of reactive, low viscosity, epoxy functional modifiers such as HELOXY™ Modifier 68 or HELOXY Modifier 107. The use of these modifiers, while improving VOC, may have some effect on performance and should be evaluated on an individual basis.


This product does not contain non-reactive diluents or extenders, which provides the formulator with greater latitude in choosing solvents or diluents for a particular application. The pot life of primer formulations using EPIKURE Curing Agent 3175 with EPON Resin 828 varies from 4 to 10 hours depending on formulated viscosity. Formulations for brush and roll application (80-90 KU) will have a usable pot life of approximately four hours, while those prepared at spray viscosity (65-75 KU) will be usable for approximately 10 hours.


A combining ratio of 65% liquid epoxy (WPE=190) and 35% EPIKURE Curing Agent 3175 based on solids, represents a stoichiometric or 1/1 equivalence and provides the best overall performance for most applications.



Safety, Storage & Handling

Please refer to the MSDS for the most current Safety and Handling information.


Please refer to the Hexion web site for Shelf Life and recommended Storage information.


Exposure to these materials should be minimized and avoided, if feasible, through the observance of proper precautions, use of appropriate engineering controls and proper personal protective clothing and equipment, and adherence to proper handling procedures. None of these materials should be used, stored, or transported until the handling precautions and recommendations as stated in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for these and all other products being used are understood by all persons who will work with them. Questions and requests for information on Hexion, Inc. ("Hexion") products should be directed to your Hexion sales representative, or the nearest Hexion sales office. Information and MSDSs on non-Hexion products should be obtained from the respective manufacturer.



Available in bulk and drum quantities.



Contact Information

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