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Technical Data Sheet

Issued February 2011

EPIKOTE™ Resin 834-X-80

Product Description
EPIKOTE Resin 834-X-80, a high viscosity liquid epoxy resin produced from bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin that is supplied as 80% solids solution in xylene. Systems using EPIKOTE 834-X-80 can be formulated to have superior chemical and corrosion resistance. This resin can be used to formulate various room temperature cure industrial maintenance coatings including clears, primers, masonry primer/surfacers, and enamels.

Application Areas/Suggested Uses
EPIKOTE 834-X-80 can be used to formulate high solids paints for heavy duty and protective coating applications.

• Imparts good corrosion protection
• Imparts good water resistance
• Can be used to produce 250-375 µm thick films with excellent adhesion
• Easy-to-handle solution

Sales Specification




 Test Method/Standard 

Epoxy Group Content


3800 – 4250

SMS 2026

Solids Content

wt %

79.0 – 81.0

SMS 1524



200 max.

ASTM D1209



Typical Properties




Test Method/Standard 

Epoxy Molar Mass*


235 – 263

SMS 2026

Viscosity at 25°C, typical value




Density at 25°C



ASTM D4052

Solids, wt%

79.0 – 81.0

SMS 1524

Flash Point of xylene (Abel)



IP 170


 * number of grams of resin containing 1 equivalent of epoxide (Weight per equivalent, WPE, is an alternative term).
** Viscosity as supplied

Processing/How to use

General Information
A wide variety of curing agents can be used with EPIKOTE Resin 834-X-80, including aliphatic amines, amine adducts, tertiary amines, polyamido-amines and polyamido-amine adducts. EPIKOTE Resin 834-X-80 is designed for high solids formulations due to its low viscosity and its superior film forming ability.

Typical of many epoxy resins, EPIKOTE Resin 834-X-80 may initially be incompatible with some types of curing agents (such as polyamides and amidoamines). As the chemical reaction between the resin and curing agent proceeds, compatibility develops. Use of the system too soon after mixing can result in “blushing” or other film defects. To prevent this, an induction period might be required. The amount of induction time depends on the curing agent selected and the formulation details.

Safety, Storage & Handling
Please refer to the MSDS for the most current Safety and Handling information.

Please refer to the Hexion web site for Shelf Life and recommended Storage information.

EPIKOTE Resin 834-X-80 should be stored in cool, dry conditions, away from sources of heat, preferably in the original containers kept tightly closed. Under these conditions the shelf life should be a minimum of three years from date of certification 

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