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Technical Data Sheet

 Black Ultra


Black Ultra™

Ultra Low Temperature Resin Coated Sand with Stress Bond™ Technology



Black Ultra™ proppant, available in 16/30, 20/40, and 30/50 mesh sizes, is a next-generation resin coated proppant utilizing a multi-functional resin system, which bonds at low temperatures without the use of a consolidation aid. In addition, the resin alters the relative permeability of the proppant pack, leading to optimized oil production. It also contains re-healing properties, important for cyclic stress that occurs over the life of the well. In addition to these features, the Black Ultra proppant Stress Bond™ technology delivers all the benefits of a curable resin coated proppant, such as flowback control and enhanced well production.



Fracture treatments:   

  • At closure stress up to 8,000 psi [55 MPa] (16/30 and 20/40) and 10,000 psi [69 MPa] (30/50) 
  • At bottom-hole static temperatures from 90 - 160°F [32 - 71°C]
  • Where flowback control is necessary in low temperature reservoirs


  • Low temperature bonding down to 90°F [32°C] bottom-hole static temperature without the use of a low temperature consolidation aid
  • Resin re-healing characteristics 
  • Minimizes proppant embedment
  • Reduces proppant fines generation and migration
  • Helps prevent proppant flowback
  • Stress Bond technology helps prevent wellbore consolidation
  • Frac fluid and beaker friendly


  • Grain-to-grain contact must occur and closure stress must be applied during the cure period for proper bonding
  • Consolidation of curable product at bottom-hole static temperatures below 90°F [32°C] is achieved by use of Hexion's AcTivator™ low temperature consolidation aid

Chemical Properties



resin coated frac sand

Resin Type

thermosetting, curable

Color greenish-black to black

Solubility, weight %


in water, brine & HCl


in HCl/HF acid, API RP 19C

≤ 0.3

in oil



Fully compatible with most commonly used fracturing fluids, both water and oil-based systems. Testing with fluids prior to pumping is advised.

Physical Properties


API Mesh Size

16/30, 20/40, 30/50

Physical State

solid granule

Specific Gravity

2.59, 2.61, 2.59

Bulk Density


g/cm3 [lb/gal]

1.46 [12.2], 1.53 [12.8], 1.48 [12.4]

Pipe Fill Factor


cm3/g [gal/lb]

0.685 [0.0821], 0.654 [0.0784], 0.676 [0.0810] 

Absolute Volume  
cm3/g [gal/lb]

0.386 [0.0463], 0.383 [0.0439], 0.386 [0.0463] 

Median Particle Diameter (mm)      0.7660, 0.5775, 0.3825

Particle Size Distribution

meets or exceeds API RP 19C

Turbidity, NTU (FTU)

< 250




Contact Information


Oilfield Technology Group

15366 Park Row  

Houston, Texas 77084 USA

+1 281 646 2800

Customer Service 

+1 800 626 2116

Technical Inquiries


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