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Technical Data Sheet


Re-issued January 2012



EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 3292-FX-60



Product Description

EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 3292-FX-60 is a high molecular weight amine adduct supplied at 60 percent nonvolatiles in butanol/xylene. It is specifically designed for use in two-package, air-dry epoxy coatings. When combined with a liquid epoxy resin (WPE = 190), such as EPON™ Resin 828, EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 will produce cured coatings at temperatures as low as 20 °F.


Application Areas/Suggested Uses

  • Industrial maintenance primers, midcoats, and topcoats
  • Marine coatings for immersion service in fresh and salt water
  • Zinc-rich primers
  • Methanol resistant tank coatings
  • Concrete floor coatings



  • Cures at temperatures as low as 20 °F
  • Outstanding solvent resistance
  • Water, mineral acid, and corrosion resistance
  • Rapid film hardness development
  • Adhesion to properly prepared metal surfaces
  • High gloss and good color


Sales Specification




Test Method/Standard

Amine as KOH


390 – 420

ASTM D2896

Viscosity at 25°C


2,500 - 5,200 

ASTM D2196



7 max.

ASTM D1544


% wt.

59 – 61

ASTM D1259






Typical Properties




Test Method/Standard

Equivalent weight, solids




















Flash Point









General Information

EPIKURE Curing Agent 3292-FX-60 , when combined with liquid epoxy resin, such as EPON Resin 828, will produce coatings possessing a remarkably broad range of performance properties. A unique combination of chemical, water, and corrosion resistance can easily be obtained from coatings based on EPIKURE Curing Agent 3292-FX-60 and EPON Resin 828.


The most outstanding feature of EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 Curing Agent is that it allows the formulation of coatings which will form tough, high performance films at application temperatures as low as 20 °F. The coatings obtained are glossy, free of amine sweat-out and resistant to high humidity conditions. High reactivity coupled with the high molecular weight of EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 provides very fast cure responses at low temperatures. Although excellent properties are obtained at low temperatures, maximum resistance to solvents is rapidly achieved following exposure to temperatures above 60 °F. Epoxy resins of higher molecular weight (WPE approx. 500), such as solutions of EPON Resin 1001F, can be used successfully with EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 Curing Agent. Lower cost formulations are possible in applications that do not require maximum solvent resistance. Coatings formulated with an epoxy solution such as EPON Resin 1001-X-75 and EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 possess good humidity and salt spray resistance.



  • Lead and chromate-free primer
  • Clear enamel
  • Gloss white enamel

Please contact your sales representative for specific formulas or formulating guidelines.




When formulating for low temperature applications, solvents that have slow evaporation rates and are appreciably miscible with water should be avoided. However, for improved flow and leveling, small quantities of solvents such as 2-butoxyethanol can be used. Recommended solvents are glycol ethers, alcohols, and ketones. Use of any additional aromatic solvent should be limited.


Pigmentation can be accomplished satisfactorily in either the epoxy resin or curing agent portion. When dispersing pigments in EPIKURE 3292-FX-60, avoid excessive heat to minimize solvent loss and exposure to solvent fumes. EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 is an excellent pigment wetter allowing very fast dispersion times for most common pigments.


A combining ratio of 62.5 percent liquid epoxy resin (WPE = 190) and 37.5 percent EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 Curing Agent, based on resin solids (BOS), provides the best overall properties. Increasing the curing agent level increases solvent resistance at the expense of water and acid resistance.


Reactive diluents such as HELOXY™ Modifiers 8, 505 and 48 and NC-5131 are not recommended for low temperature applications. However, they may be employed at levels up to 15 percent based on total resin nonvolatiles in room temperature applications.


Dimethylaminomethylphenol accelerators such as DMP-302 and DMP-102 are not recommended, since they reduce the water, acid and corrosion resistance of the coatings. Accelerators, such as bisphenol A, can be used, and levels up to 8 phr based on curing agent nonvolatiles have demonstrated no adverse effects on coating performance. When using accelerators, careful attention should be given to their effect on pot life. Coatings based on EPON Resin 828 and EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 Curing Agent have a typical pot life of 2 to 4 hours, depending on the percent resin nonvolatiles of the formulation. Accelerators will shorten this time considerably.

1 NC-523 supplied by 3M Company

2 DMP-30 and DMP-10 supplied by Rohm & Haas Company



Performance Properties


Table 1 / Typical Performance Properties of EPON™ Resin 828 Cured with EPIKURE™ 3292-FX-60 Curing Agent in a White Enamel 1






Handling Properties




Dry to Handle, at 75°F








Cured State Properties 2




Solvent Restsitance




MEK double rubs




Adhesion, crosshatch



5 - Excellent





Spot Test, after 24 hours




10% Sulfuric Acid



slight haze

10% Hydrochloric Acid



no effect

10% Nitric Acid



slight stain

10% Sodium Hydroxide



no effect

Flexibility, direct impact topcoat








Film Hardness Development, at 75°F




24 hrs




48 hrs




5 days




7 days




3 weeks








1 All tests were conducted on polished Bonderite 1000 cold-rolled steel panels.



Safety, Storage & Handling

Please refer to the MSDS for the most current Safety and Handling information.


Please refer to the Hexion web site for Shelf Life and recommended Storage information.



EPIKURE 3292-FX-60 Curing Agent should be stored in tightly sealed, lined containers in a dry location at normal room temperatures.


Exposure to these materials should be minimized and avoided, if feasible, through the observance of proper precautions, use of appropriate engineering controls and proper personal protective clothing and equipment, and adherence to proper handling procedures. None of these materials should be used, stored, or transported until the handling precautions and recommendations as stated in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for these and all other products being used are understood by all persons who will work with them. Questions and requests for information on Hexion Inc. ("Hexion") products should be directed to your Hexion sales representative, or the nearest Hexion sales office. Information and MSDSs on non-Hexion products should be obtained from the respective manufacturer.



Available in bulk and drum quantities.



Contact Information

For product prices, availability, or order placement, please contact customer service:


For literature and technical assistance, visit our website at:


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The information provided herein was believed by Hexion Inc. (“Hexion”) to be accurate at the time of preparation or prepared from sources believed to be reliable, but it is the responsibility of the user to investigate and understand other pertinent sources of information, to comply with all laws and procedures applicable to the safe handling and use of the product and to determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. All products supplied by Hexion are subject to Hexion’s terms and conditions of sale. HEXION MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, CONCERNING THE PRODUCT OR THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS THEREOF FOR ANY PURPOSE OR CONCERNING THE ACCURACY OF ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED BY HEXION, except that the product shall conform to Hexion’s specifications. Nothing contained herein constitutes an offer for the sale of any product.

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