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Technical Data Sheet



Low Temperature Consolidation Aid



Hexion’s AcTivator™ consolidation aid is a low temperature consolidation aid for curable resin coated proppants (RCPs).  This advanced product will help provide low-temperature consolidation of our SB Prime™, Prime Plus™, SB Excel™, SiberProp™, and OilPlus™ proppants.

Our AcTivator Oil™ consolidation aid is available for use in oil-based treatment fluids.  Please consult your Hexion representative for more information on optimized concentration recommendations based on individual well conditions.



  • For reservoirs which typically produce proppant after fracturing
  • For reservoirs with bottom-hole static temperatures in the range from 70 - 160°F [21 - 71°C] 


  • Allows for consolidation to occur with Hexion's curable RCPs in low temperature applications
  • Compatible with most aqueous fracturing fluid additives (e.g., gelling agents, breakers, cross-linkers, surfactants, foamers, etc.)
  • Can be an excellent candidate for use with Hexion's resin coated proppants


  • The use of excessive AcTivator consolidation aids may cause oversoftening and sloughening of the resin coating
  • May be incompatible with gelled oil frac fluids, use AcTivator Oil consolidation aid in these cases
  • As with all chemicals, test for fluid compatibility prior to using and consult your Hexion representative for proper usage


  • Should be mixed into all the fluid in which curable RCP is carried
  • Should be added before the cross-linker
  • Loading should be based on the liquid portion of the slurry only
  • Lab testing should be performed to determine the requirements for fluid compatibility

Chemical Properties


 Chemical Type

Surfactant in alcohol

 Physical State


Ionic Character Nonionic


Colorless to pale yellow

Solubility, weight %


in water, & light brine

Miscible (all proportions)

in heavy brine & acid

Soluble to dispersible

in oil

Insoluble to dispersible

Shelf-Life, month


Physical Properties


Specific Gravity at 68°F [20°C]


Density at 68°F [20°C]  



lbm/gal 7.65

Freezing Point, °F [°C] 

< -12 [-24]

Flash Point, °F [°C]  54 [12]

Viscosity, Neat, cP at 77°F [25°C]

< 1


Contact Information


Oilfield Technology Group

15366 Park Row  

Houston, Texas 77084 USA

+1 281 646 2800

Customer Service 

+1 800 626 2116

Technical Inquiries



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