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Technical Data Sheet

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Fracture Diagnostics Service



Hexion's PropTracSM Fracture Diagnostics System is an environmentally acceptable method to determine propped fracture height.  PropTrac incorporates a non-radioactive tag into the resin coating of proppants.  This Smart ProppantTM technology is activated by a logging tool after the proppants have been placed in the fracture.  The data received is analyzed to identify the location of the tagged proppant and provide accurate information.



The PropTrac fracture diagnostics service is a simpler, easier, and safer way to optimize fracture treatments and improve treatment results.



The actual resin coated proppant is delivered already tagged as compared to conventional tracer jobs where small additional radioactive tracer materials are continuously added to the proppant slurry.  Since the proppant has the tag built-in to the coating, there is no guesswork as to where the proppant is actually located in the fracture.


The PropTrac product does not use radioactive tracer materials as in conventional tracer jobs.  Utilizing a patented coating technology, it offers an environmentally acceptable alternative to the personnel performing the fracture treatment and flowback.  Unlike conventional radioactive tracer logging services, no special environmental or safety precautions, permits or regulatory compliance are necessary.


PropTrac logs can be run as often as desired during the life of the well.  There are no concerns about radioactive half-life decay.  It can also allow you to observe how proppant distribution in the fracture may be affected by changes in flowing pressure, flow rates or fluid entry.  The information provided in the report can also be used to assist in analyzing refrac options during the life of the well.



The PropTrac service offers the following benefits:

  • Does not use radioactive tracer materials as in conventional tracer jobs
  • No special environmental or safety precautions, permits, or regulatory compliance are necessary
  • Logs can be run as often as desired during the life of the well
  • Proppants with a built-in tagging material  in the resin coating provide more accurate results

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