Shelf Life: EPON Resin CS-373

 Because this resin is a one pack system containing both epoxy resin and curing agents, some resin advancement will occur during storage. For this reason, it is desirable to store this product in cool, dry conditions to minimize advancement and maximize shelf life. The recommended shelf life for this product is 52 weeks at 55°F, 20 weeks at 75°F, 4 weeks at 100°F, and 2 weeks at 120°F. For this resins system, resins advancement is indicated by an increase in the epoxide equivalent weight and solution viscosity. Excessive advancement, such as that caused by storing the product for time periods longer than recommended, can result in changes in resin processing behavior and loss of cured system performance.

 The date of certification for the product is reported on the Certificate of Analysis. Shelf life is based on the Certification Date. The manufacturing date can be determined from the Lot Number as follows:
For Products Manufactured in the 2nd half of 2007 and beyond - The first number (position 3) in the lot number sequence represent the year (1 = 2011, 2 = 2012, and so on, with 0 = 2010) The next letter in the lot number sequence represents the month (A = January, B = February, and so on, with L = December). For example - Lot Number is LL1G0001, indicates the product was manufactured in July 2011.

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