Shelf Life: EPON Resin 8021

 This product has a minimum shelf life (no maximum) of two (2) years from date of certification at recommended storage conditions.

 The recommended storage conditions for this product is 75 ± 25ºF max., dry and free of contamination.

 Store in tightly sealed phenolic lined steel, stainless steel, or polyethylene containers. Do not allow the product to exceed 120°F during storage or processing. This product is heat and shear sensitive. Use only diaphragm type pumps for transferring.

 "Shelf Life" is the average time during which product properties can be expected to remain within product specifications set out in the applicable sales contract under appropriate storage and handling conditions, and assuming there has been no contamination. As an accommodation to our customers, we can provide information as to the typical MINIMUM Shelf Life of our products; however, we do not warrant Shelf Life nor assume any responsibility for such information. After expiration of the MINIMUM Shelf Life, or in situations where the product may not have been handled or stored properly or where contamination may have occurred, the customer is advised to evaluate the product for conformity with specifications and suitability for the use intended. Although there are exceptions, in many cases, if properly handled and stored, product will remain usable for its normal applications for a significant period beyond the MINIMUM Shelf Life.

 The date of certification for the product is reported on the Certificate of Analysis. Shelf life is based on the Certification Date. The manufacturing date can be determined from the Lot Number as follows:
For Products Manufactured in the 2nd half of 2007 and beyond - The first number (position 3) in the lot number sequence represent the year (1 = 2011, 2 = 2012, and so on, with 0 = 2010) The next letter in the lot number sequence represents the month (A = January, B = February, and so on, with L = December). For example - Lot Number is LL1G0001, indicates the product was manufactured in July 2011.

Our standard sales contracts typically provide a warranty by us that our products will, upon delivery to the customer at the contract delivery point(s), comply with all product specifications set out in the contract. However, once delivery has occurred, since we no longer have possession or control over the product, including its handling and storage, we cannot continue to be responsible for product quality. (Please see Warranty Disclaimer)

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