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  • Unsurpassed-Epoxy-Resin-Application-Expertise 

    Unsurpassed Epoxy Resin Application Expertise

    Hexion’s epoxy products play an integral and important role across a wide variety of applications from coatings and electrical laminates to composites and adhesives. With over 50 years of formulation expertise, we can also optimize our resin and curing agent formulations to fit your specific application requirements and take your process to the next level. 


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  • Epoxy Systems for General Composites


    Hexion’s composites expertise is the legacy of three companies: Shell, Bakelite and MGS. For over 60 years, we have partnered with customers on innovative systems formulations, solving challenges right on the shop floor. At the same time, with the global infrastructure of a major chemical company, we can offer reliable excellence in chemistry, formulation, technical service, and R&D wherever you are in the world.

    What we present here is just a fraction of the Hexion composite portfolio, which covers a wide range of epoxy and phenolic resin systems. Our technical team will be delighted to work with you to find solutions for your specific composite challenges.

    We offer resin systems and solutions suitable for the following industries:

    • Building and Construction—Durable, lightweight, low maintenance, easy-to-fabricate, environmentally preferable, multi-functional structural solutions
    • Sporting Goods—Custom solutions for extreme-performance products utilizing a wide range of manufacturing processes
    • Marine—Robust, easy-to-use formulated systems for high mechanical performance in harsh environments
    • Oil and Gas Recovery—Excellent corrosion resistance in a broad range of conditions including high temperature
    • Industrial—Corrosion and environmental resistance, high strength-to-weight ratios, improved fatigue properties; high-precision dynamic and cost-competitive options.