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  • EcoBind Resin Technology Questions

    ecobind_logo What is EcoBind resin technology?

    EcoBind™ resin technology is Hexion’s family of ultra-low emitting resin technologies for wood product manufacturers. EcoBind Resin Technologies can be urea formaldehyde (UF)-based or utilize alternative chemistries.


    How is EcoBind resin technology different from other products?

    EcoBind resin technologies are a family of resin technologies available from Hexion. A resin system must meet E1, E0, Super E0, F*** or F**** to be labeled an EcoBind technology resin.

    Why is EcoBind resin technology important? 

    EcoBind Resin Technologies allow wood product manufacturers to reduce formaldehyde emissions from their products and meet the demand for “greener” product options. If an important builder or specifier is pushing for a LEED-compliant alternative, EcoBind alternatives are available for these applications as well.

    Does EcoBind resin technology replace formaldehyde-based resins?
    No. Hexion is committed to meeting its customers’ binder and adhesive needs with a full range of products for virtually every operation and application. We continue to offer our broad range of high-performing UF resins and adhesives that meet or exceed all governmental standards.

    What are some examples of EcoBind Resin Technology?
    EcoBind Resin Technology is divided into three application areas: hardwood plywood, particleboard/MDF and adhesives.


     EcoBind resin technology for Hardwood Plywood

    • Ultra-low emitting urea formaldehyde (UF) resins (emission levels to 0.06 ppm or below)* We offer one-part, base UF resin systems that meet the strictest emission standards.
    • Co-reactants
      Hexion proprietary technology works with traditional UF systems to further reduce emission levels to 0.03 ppm or below.
    • PVA/Soy no-added UREA formaldehyde system
    • This soy-based, LEED-compliant alternative utilizes no urea formaldehyde while solving moisture issues typically associated with protein-based resins.
      *Large-scale chamber test
    Formaldehyde-Derivatives-EcoBind-Resin-Technology-04   EcoBind resin technology for Particleboard/MDF 
    • Ultra-low emitting UF resins
    • Co-reactant additives
      Highly efficient, polymer-enhancing technology now available to reduce formaldehyde emissions even further while maintaining exceptional cure speeds
    • Phenol formaldehyde (PF) resins
      For LEED-compliant panels.

    EcoBind resin technology for Adhesive Applications

    • Ultra-low emitting UF resins
      Our UF resins help product manufacturers meet the strictest global standards.
    • Ultra-low emission phenol resorcinol formaldehyde (PRF) systems for engineered wood
      A proprietary scavenger system that locks up free formaldehyde while maintaining the absolute highest performance for structural wood products.
    • “No-added UF” adhesives including PVAs, EPIs and hot melt systems
      Unique formulations available for a variety of structural and assembly applications.  

    What are some of the benefits of formaldehyde-based resins?
    The benefits of formaldehyde resins are substantial. They’re efficient, safe-to-handle, offer proven quality and workability – and they’re cost-effective. Put simply, they work on the plant floor, in the products made with them, and within established budgets.
    Without formaldehyde-based resins and glues, a large proportion of the environmentally-friendly wood-based panels we’re all used to would not be available. Wood waste – the basic raw material for fiberboard and particleboard – would have to be incinerated or end up in landfills.
    We will continue to work on enhanced resin systems – without compromising the productivity or competitiveness of wood product manufacturers.

    Why choose EcoBind resin technologies from Hexion?
    Business depends on sensible decisions. Like all Hexion offerings, EcoBind technologies provide excellent productivity and value.
    Whichever Hexion solution you choose, we’ll back it with unparalleled technical and process expertise as well as product stewardship assistance. And, we’ll continue to support scientific research on formaldehyde chemistries and ways to further enhance environmental performance.