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Cardura Glycidyl Esters

Utilized for decades as a building block for automotive OEM, refinish and CED coatings, this Glycidyl Ester of Versatic™ Acid exhibits UV stability, acid etch resistance and a unique ability to create high solids, low viscosity polymers with good substrate wetting. The epoxy functionality allows for reactions with acids, alcohols and many other reagents to allow Cardura™ glycidyl ester to be further functionalized for use in acrylics, polyesters, epoxies and urethanes as either a polymeric building block or reactive diluent.


 Cardura Car


The relatively high boiling point and low viscosity make it an ideal reaction medium even for high temperature polymerization where it can subsequently be incorporated into the polymer that was built. This feature also allows Cardura glycidyl ester to replace solvent which is sometimes used as a reaction medium in the manufacture of higher viscosity systems thus eliminating the need for solvent stripping. Cardura glycidyl ester is also an excellent building block for developing water-based resins and therefore facilitates the trend towards more environmental-suitable paints and coatings.


When used as a reactive diluent, its low viscosity and volatility, along with resistance to crystallization, provides unique performance.  


Cardura glycidyl ester is commonly used in:

  • Automotive coatings
  • Civil engineering
  • Industrial and marine coatings
  • Coil coatings


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