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Molding Compounds

Hexion offers a broad range of molding compounds, including phenolics, melamine-phenolics, epoxies and unsaturated polyesters. Our broad product offering, backed by decades of processing knowledge, is unmatched in the industry.

Because of their combination of properties - dimensional stability, high surface strength and hardness, very low flammability, minimal cold flow, superb electrical features and high temperature stability - our molding compounds can be used in diverse applications, including:

    Consumer Goods

    Hexion's molding compounds —based on Bakelite® resins — are found in numerous household items from pot handles and toaster parts to fittings for ovens and dishwashers. Molding compounds based on Bakelite resins can be easily shaped into an infinite variety of contours and forms and can be modified in various ways to provide added dimensional stability, flame resistance, electrical conductivity or slip resistance.


    Hexion's thermosetting molding compounds, including our phenolic, polyester and epoxy products, are utilized in a variety of electrical applications, because of their combination of good electrical insulating properties and high heat resistance, rigid surface hardness, high elastic modulus and good solvent resistance. Hexion products also offer safety margins even if the operating temperature range is temporarily exceeded and contain no halogen flame retardant.

    Specific applications for our molding compounds include:

    • LS and FI switches
    • Performance and motor safety switches
    • Energy regulators, relays, thermostats
    • Electromagnetic coils and coil forms
    • Electric and gas meters
    • Lamp sockets


    In addition to straight phenolic molding compounds, Hexion provides melamine-phenolic molding compounds (MP-MC) that are specifically used for commutators (components of various electric motors) in:

    • Fuel pumps
    • HVAC motors
    • ABS
    • Power tools
    • Garden and household appliances

    Very small amounts of molding compound must not only provide electrical insulation but also anchor the copper lamella and ensure optimal seating of the lamella on the rotor axis at high rotational speeds, even under severe thermal stress.

    The demands on the molding compound are very complex. Hexion's thermally stable melamine-phenolic molding compounds exhibit excellent mechanical properties that, when coupled with good adhesion of the molding compound to the copper surface, have a long history of success for these applications.


    Bakelite phenolic molding compounds are particularly useful for under-the-hood automotive applications. As engines are downsized to meet increasing fuel efficiency standards and reduced CO2 emission requirements, under-the-hood temperatures rise. Bakelite engineering thermosets deliver a variety of performance benefits for under-the-hood components from pulleys to vacuum and fuel pump parts, including:

    • Up to 40 percent weight savings versus aluminum
    • Excellent mechanical strength
    • Resistance to fuel and other automotive chemicals
    • Heat tolerance
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Possibility of complex, high precision shapes

    Molding Compounds Under the Hood

    Application ProductBenefit
    Engine AttachmentsVacuum PumpPulleysBrake PistonsWater PumpPistonsFuel Pump ImpellerFuel Pump HousingHigh Mechanical StrengthImproved Dimensional AccuracyIsotropicImproved Heat StabilityAutomotive Media ResistantReduced AbrasionReduced WarpageHeat Conductive
    Bakelite® PF1110
    Bakelite® PF6501
    Bakelite® PF6510
    Bakelite® PF6680
    Bakelite® PF6771
    Bakelite® PF7596