Partnering with Our Customers on a More Sustainable Future

Forty percent of global CO2 emissions are produced by the power sector. Reducing greenhouse gases and winning the fight against climate change requires more and better renewable energy technologies. Hexion is committed to being a reliable ally in the fight.

By lowering the total cost of wind energy, Hexion’s materials are helping to make wind power a practical alternative to fossil fuels and reduce the world’s carbon footprint. Newly developed epoxy resin infusion systems from Hexion ease the production of carbon-fiber reinforced wind turbine rotor blade components. More efficient, lower cost processing enables the creation of larger, lighter, more efficient turbines that can produce energy at a cost comparable to that of traditional power plants.

But that’s just the beginning. We’re also continually looking for ways to assist our customers in operating more sustainably.

Streamlined production
Our products facilitate energy and cost savings during manufacturing through:

  • reduced cycle times
  • eliminating preimpregnation for carbon-fiber reinforced laminates
  • faster curing
  • expert advice on process design and implementation

Longer life, smaller footprint 
Most of a wind turbine’s carbon footprint comes from its manufacture and disposal. By improving fatigue performance, Hexion resin systems and bond pastes increase a turbine’s useful life, thus lowering its carbon footprint. Furthermore, our reliable, durable products enable massive (and therefore more efficient) wind turbines sited in remote locations, such as off shore. 


Top technology means less waste
During manufacture, thicker rotor blade components are subject to wrinkling and improper curing because of uneven heat dissipation which sometimes causes fibers to shift in the laminate or otherwise weakens the final structure. Hexion’s new low exothermic resin infusion systems eliminate these problems and thereby save time, energy and material wastage by ensuring consistently high-quality laminate production.