Proven Resins for General Aviation and Aerospace Composites


Hexion offers a wide array of epoxy and phenolic resins to produce high performance composites for applications in General Aviation and Aerospace. Lightweight but tough, with high heat and pressure tolerances, our resins raise safety, durability and fuel efficiency to the next level. At the same time, our high quality, reliable products ensure convenient, predictable processing and performance you can count on. Designers and manufacturers rely on Hexion for cutting edge solutions and superlative customer service to help them produce advanced composite materials that meet ever-evolving specifications.


Commercial Aviation


For over 40 years, Hexion has been serving the commercial aerospace industry with epoxy resin systems and phenolic resins that enable lightweight, fire resistant, durable composites. Our resins are used in primary and secondary structures and interior composite applications such as nacelles, flaps, flooring, storage bins, and door and window interiors.


For interior parts, panels and baggage racks, we offer both epoxy and phenolic based prepreg systems and building blocks. For primary and secondary structural components, we offer a variety of building blocks including glycidyamine-based multi-functional epoxy resins such as TGMDA, TGPAP and TGMAP, as well as novolacs and high performance resin transfer molding (RTM) systems. We pride ourselves on the speed, safety, efficiency, convenience and reliability of our systems and the fact that we can support a full range of production processes: RTM/infusion, prepreg, hand lay-up and out-of-autoclave.


General Aviation


Hexion's MGS™ brand of resin systems, structural adhesives and gel coats for manufacturing composites represents a 35-year-long track record of excellence in General Aviation. LBA approved (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt--the German aviation authority), our products can be used in liquid molding, hand laminating, and tooling. Typical application areas are: gliders, motor gliders, ultralights, single engine piston (SEP) aircraft, multi-engine piston (MEP) aircraft, high performance aircraft, and the like.


Our products exhibit a wide range of performance, processing and curing characteristics, many of which can be controlled through the intelligent selection and combination of curing agents. Potential advantages include: high heat resistance with operating temperatures between -60°C and 140°C; robust range of mechanical parameters; fast cure; room temperature cure; low water uptake (important for ultimate laminate quality); and the availability of formulations that will perfuse fabrics completely, yet not spill out of vertical molds.