Hydrophobic Resins for Fewer Flaws and Better Processing

Plagued by white, porous defects in your laminate, and resin that develops too fast? Challenge, meet solution.

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New, Practical Epoxy Resin Solutions for Wind Energy Systems
Hydrophobic EPIKURE™ MGS™ RIM resin systems curtail the presence of water, which eases processing and improves finished laminate quality. Excess water in your resin means trouble – in the form of porous defects in the laminate and increased reactivity. These resin systems may be an excellent candidate for eliminating those annoying white flaws and keep processing on track.
Find out about our time- and weight-saving systems for efficient production of high performance carbon and glass reinforced wind energy composite parts.
New Breakthroughs
See how wind energy manufacturers are actually using Hexion's breakthrough products in real-life applications to conserve on blade weight and accelerate production.