EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP535 Bonding System


A bond paste for the ages


Everyone knows, adhesive bonds can be the weak part of a structure. If you make wind turbines, you are relying upon your adhesive to hold together a 60 meter rotor blade spinning with a top speed of 80mps somewhere out at sea.


When we at Hexion set out to develop our new bonding paste, we had you in mind. First, we ramped up Hexion’s industry standard EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP135G3 resin system and made our new bonding paste lighter, easier to use and faster to process, with excellent strength and fatigue resistance. Next, we value-engineered the product, making high-end performance more affordable.


Bonding you can count on


Hexion's new EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP535 bonding paste has FOUR TIMES the dynamic fatigue performance of the former industry standard. Its improved rheology and faster cure rate make for quicker processing and decreased blade cycle times, while its lower density reduces blade weight and cost.


Compared with the benchmark, our EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP535 resin system is:

  • Tougher

The formulation constitutes a rubber toughened system, allowing substantially higher strain and energy release levels as compared to Hexion’s benchmark BP135G3 system.

  • Faster curing

At 70°C, our EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP535 resin system reached minimum Tg almost two hours earlier. 

  • Less dense

Total weight and static moment are reduced.

  • Easier to process

Lower effective viscosity makes our EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP535 resin system easier to pump and mix, resulting in more reliable bondline filling and necessitating lower back pressure during molding. This resin system also exhibits better sag resistance, and its improved formulation allows retention of high adhesive performance, even when exposed to long-term, adverse ambient conditions, such as high humidity or temperature. A wide choice of curing agents enables the user to customize system reactivity to suit the given application.


Benefits for designers:
  • Permits higher strain levels
  • Lower density reduces blade weight and static moment


Benefits for manufacturers:
  • Value-engineered for cost efficiency; has the same outstanding performance when compared to the EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP435 resin system
  • Lower density reduces blade weight, which may lower cost
  • Improved rheology may significantly increase the dosage rate and may result in a significantly shorter cycle time
  • More rapid cure also decreases blade cycle time