EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM1035 Infusion System


A solution to extreme internal peak temperatures which threaten thick composite parts


As rotor blades get larger, certain components such as shear webs, blade shells and spar caps have to be made thicker. But laminate thickness mass drives the peak internal temperature during manufacture, and very thick structures develop very high internal temperatures.


Because high internal peak temperatures are associated with uneven curing, mechanical weakening and lower fatigue performance (not to mention the occasional factory flare-up), it is crucial that heat development within thick composites be controlled during manufacture.


A new, low exothermic resin infusion system from Hexion


The EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM 1035 resin system is a next generation infusion system that incorporates a new technology designed to take the guesswork out of controlling internal heat rise during the infusion of very thick structures. The result? Quicker turnaround and reduced internal stresses.


The EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM 1035 system provides rotor blade manufacturers with the following key features and benefits for vacuum infusion, RTM or hand layup of glass or carbon fiber composites:


Cycle Time Reduction

  • Slow viscosity development for faster infusion and faster de-aeration
  • Significantly faster cure and property development
  • Reduced overall cycle time

Lower Exothermicity and Well Controlled Reactivity

  • Excellent and reliable mechanical performance of rotor blades, with static and dynamic mechanical performance equivalent to that of RIMR135 bonding paste
  • Higher expected fatigue performance
  • Safer processing

Decreased Scrap Rate and Reduced Repair Work

  • Robust processing-more tolerant to variation in mixing ratio than conventional systems
  • Reduced shrinkage after gelation
  • Lower risk of wrinkles
  • High degree of hydrophobicity to reduce water pickup and formation of champagne laminate