EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM145 Infusion System


Simply put, in order for wind energy to become more competitive, energy production efficiency must go up and costs must go down.

Designers are constantly on the lookout for stronger, lighter composite materials; rotor blades need to get longer, stronger and lighter to increase power generation.

Manufacturers are looking for the same thing, but they also worry about cost and practicality. Using carbon instead of glass fiber reinforcement would increase resin strength/weight ratios. But until now, extensive use of carbon fiber reinforcement hasn’t been feasible. Carbon fiber reinforced resins

  • Have required costly prepreg technology because the small diameter fibers may be difficult to impregnate
  • Mechanical performance has been limited when classical epoxy systems were used

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Introducing EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIMR145 Infusion System

Hexion’s new resin infusion system makes carbon-fiber reinforced components more accessible than ever. The innovative EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIMR 145 resin system’s alternative epoxy chemistry enables raising the infusion temperature to reduce viscosity without limiting the pot-life. Manufacturing can proceed safely and effectively at higher temperatures because of the material’s low exotherm.

This breakthrough epoxy resin enables 

  • VARTM manufacture of carbon fiber blade parts
  • reduction of material and processing costs
  • stronger, longer, lighter rotor blade parts
  • carbon fiber reinforced thick components, such as spar caps


And not only is this new resin system more cost-efficient because of its better infusion characteristics, but the mechanical performance of the EPIKOTE™ RIMR 145 resin system is excellent for use, either with glass OR with carbon fiber. 


More freedom for designers
  • Allows you to spec for more carbon-reinforced blade parts, even thick (>40mm) C-fiber components such as spar caps
  • Exhibits better strength/mechanical performance so you can design longer blades
  • Imparts significant mechanical performance improvements with both glass and carbon fibers compared with classical infusion systems

For manufacturers - streamlined processing, lower costs
  • The greater efficiency of VARTM over prepreg
  • Excellent infusion characteristics
  • Significant cost advantages for carbon fiber reinforced spar cap manufacturing versus the high cost of carbon fiber prepreg
  • Infusion temperatures easier to control
  • Minimal post-infusion shifting of glass or carbon caused by mold expansion and reduced risk of fiber wrinkling