EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM9000 Tooling System


A new mold for new resins


Because some of our new, low exothermic resins for rotor blade manufacture call for higher-than-standard mold temperatures, we at Hexion created this new tooling system. Once cured and ready to use, a mold made with EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM 9000 epoxy resin has a higher Tg and may thus be able to withstand the temperatures recommended for use with products such as EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM 145 resin system.


More than just a high Tg


New EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM 9000 epoxy tooling system exhibits not only a high Tg, but numerous other manufacturer-friendly features as well:

  • Tg>160°C
  • Successful infusion of a laminate 30 mm thick
  • Low exotherm development in the laminate such that peak temperature stays below 40°C
  • Compared with competing solutions,
    • more than 20% lower initial mix viscosity at room temperature
    • more than 60% longer pot-life (500g at 20°C)
    • more than 15% higher Tg when fully cured