This section details the latest game-changing offerings from Hexion: four products that promise to revolutionize the design and production of wind turbines. All four of these new products enable, in some way, the manufacture of longer, lighter blades.


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EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM145 Infusion System


Because of special properties to do with keeping the viscosity lower longer, this extraordinary resin infusion system

  • allows you to infuse un-pre-impregnated carbon fibers as if they were glass via VARTM
  • forms stronger components than the industry standard infusion resin
  • forms lighter carbon fiber reinforced components
  • is convenient
  • is cost-effective

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EPIKOTE™ MGS™ BP535 Bonding System


This stronger, toughened, lighter, far more durable bond paste enables the confident manufacture and use of longer rotor blades, particularly in less accessible locations. Hexion's new bond paste exhibits

  • several times the fatigue performance of Hexion’s previous benchmark BP135G3 bond paste
  • improved rheology
  • a faster cure rate
  • decreased blade cycle time
  • lower density, which reduces blade weight and cost
  • value engineering for cost-effectiveness 

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EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM1035 Infusion System


As blades get bigger, certain components such as spar caps have to be made thicker. Heat development within the composite needs to be controlled during manufacture so that the part will cure evenly, as well as for safety reasons. EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM1035 resin system is a low-exothermic system that cures fast, yet exhibits a very long pot life. Developed to take the guesswork out of controlling internal heat rise during the infusion of very thick structures, its use results in quicker turnaround and reduced internal stresses. The hydrophobic nature of the system ensures optimum laminate quality.


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EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM9000 Tooling System


This tooling system is useful when higher-than-standard mold temperatures are required. Once cured and ready to use, it

  • exhibits a higher Tg than standard tooling resins 
  • is able to withstand temperatures recommended for use with products such as our new low exothermic resins
  • is suitable for use with our EPIKOTE™ MGS™ RIM145 resin system  

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