The business of making wind turbine blades has always been a balancing act. How do you increase rotor blade capacity while keeping production costs realistic?  Whatever your fabrication process, Hexion has the products and broad-based technical service to help you streamline manufacturing and solidify your bottom line.


We support all of the various production techniques for composite rotor blades with systems specially designed to address each of their challenges.


Resin Infusion – RTM, VARTM


Resin infusion can be a puzzle, with issues related to resin flow and cure rates, temperature control, shifting of laid fiber, wrinkling, voids and the subsequent high scrap rate. New low viscosity, low exothermic, high-performance infusion systems from Hexion can infuse even small diameter carbon fiber, making components—even thick ones, such as spar caps—faster, cheaper, and stronger than ever.
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Hand Lay-Up


We also offer GL approved hand lay-up systems with variable cure rates that function at higher service temperatures for lower viscosity and longer pot life.
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Bonding Paste


If you’re worried about the longevity of your offshore turbine blade bond lines, see our new lightweight, rapid cure bonding paste with typically four times the fatigue resistance of the industry standard.
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Hexion offers epoxy resin tooling systems with good chemical resistance and superior fiber wetting, as well as a high Tg (>160°C), low exotherm epoxy resin system with a lower initial mix viscosity and a much longer pot life than competing solutions.
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Our products include an accelerated, liquid hardener with a long prepreg shelf life and excellent fiber wetting characteristics.
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Filament winding

We offer amine- and anhydride-cured epoxy systems suitable for specialized or general purpose applications. Choose among various cure rates, service temperatures, and pot lives. A lower shrinkage option is also available.
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