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At Hexion, we believe the most innovative composite resin systems are built around specific customer needs. Learn more about our latest epoxy and phenolic resin systems and how they can accelerate weight savings, efficiency, and safety – for you – at SPE ACCE Booth #P-4.  ACCE_15a




We’ll be showcasing new and novel exterior, structural, powertrain and suspension components made with our systems including:

  • A unique, carbon fiber, Bakelite® engineering thermoset cam carrier, specially designed by Ford Motor Company to demonstrate affordable weight saving alternatives that go beyond aluminum.
  • The automotive industry’s first composite coil spring developed in cooperation with SOGEFI for Audi. Made with a custom EPIKOTE™ epoxy system, the part saves 4.4 kilograms per vehicle!
  • A carbon fiber engine cover for the Lamborghini Aventador that is extremely strong and lightweight while providing a Class A finish. Lamborghini was one of the early adopters of parts made from the HP-RTM process.
  • A cost-competitive crash box concept that reduces vehicle weight, provides the same or better energy absorption as traditional materials, and can meet a 1,000 parts per day production rate.
We’ll also be showcasing an enhanced EPIKOTE™ epoxy system for mass production of structural parts. Our latest formulation features improved de-molding characteristics while maintaining cure times of less than two minutes on large format parts.

To find out more about our epoxy and phenolic resin products for the composites industry, go to

We’re looking forward to seeing you at ACCE!