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Aricel PC-6A


Aricel PC-6A is a liquid, partially methylated melamine resin.


Aricel PC-6A is a waterborne resin that can be used to crosslink hydroxy-functional polymers in formulations used for nonwoven binders and textile finishing. In most cases, Aricel PC-6A provides adequate cure response without the addition of a strong acid catalyst. To promote cure at lower bake temperatures, the use of a blocked acid catalyst is recommended.


In nonwovens and textile finishing, Aricel PC-6A yields firm, resilient finishes that are highly abrasion and solvent resistant. Aricel PC-6A can also be employed to improve the wash and crock fastness of textile printing applications. Additionally, Aricel PC-6A offers good formulated stability and adequate cure response at temperatures below 160 °C.

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Appearance Clear, Colorless Liquid 0 ADCH0037
Estimated Storage Life @ 21°C 26 weeks ADCH0473-H
Free Formaldehyde 0.75 % ADCH0188
Solids 80 ± 2 % ADCH0407
Solvent Water 0
Specific Gravity 1.23 - 1.25 ADCH0362
Viscosity Brookfield 600 ± 200 cP ADCH0650
Weight ~ 10.3 Pounds per Gallon ADCH0444