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Duresta Glycidyl Esters

Duresta™ glycidyl esters are highly branched monocarboxylic acids with excellent reactivity towards carboxylic acids.

Duresta glycidyl esters are used as acid scavengers to reduce the acid value of esters, polyesters resins and polymers. It is usually dosed to these products at the end of their manufacturing process when they are still at elevated temperature. The unique reaction characteristics and properties make Duresta 10GP glycidyl ester attractive for a wide variety of applications, particularly those requiring very low acid values such as synthetic lubricants, high performance polyesters and specialty ester based polymers. Typically, the derived products have an improved hydrolytic stability due to their extremely low acid value.


Duresta-1   Duresta-2   Duresta-3


Applications targeted

Duresta acid scavengers can be used for: 

Synthetic ester base stocks for high performance lubricant applications such as 

  • Refrigeration lubricants
  • Air-conditioning lubricants
  • Aviation turbines lubricants
  • Automotive production lubricants
  • Gear oils

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) synthesis and PET applications 

  • PET resins
  • PET film stabilization
  • PET fiber stabilization


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