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 Fiber Optic Applications

Fiber Optic Coatings

The KlearShieldTM, SpectraShieldTM and BondShield products offered by our joint venture, Momentive UV Coatings (Shanghai) Co., LTD. (MUV) are UV curable optical fiber coatings, inks, ribbon matrix materials and adhesives for the telecommunications industry.


Primary and Secondary Coatings 

KlearShieldTM coatings for single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber were designed to impart fast-curing acrylate technology with superior resistance to yellowing and exposure to both water and hydrocarbon filling gel. The KlearShield 1-002 / 2-002 combination is a recognized industry standard coating system with excellent zero-stress-aging performance. Applications such as fiber optic sensors for oil deposit exploration benefit from the high-temperature resistance of our KlearShield 2-004 secondary coating.


Fiber Optic Inks 

SpectraShieldTM inks were developed to provide superior color retention, curing speed and solvent resistance. These inks have been employed in both loose-tube and ribbon cable designs.


Ribbon Matrix Materials 

BondShield matrix materials were designed to provide superior release from colored fibers in order to allow terminal or mid-span access while maintaining resistance to delamination upon cabling. These matrix materials are also removable via thermal stripping methods. The BondShield materials have been used in 2-, 4-, 8-, 12- and 24-fiber count ribbons.


Optical Adhesives (Recoat Materials)

These products are also available under the BondShield designation and can be used in splicing operations bonding exposed and fused sections of optical fiber. They provide superior adhesion to both the bare glass as well as various coatings remaining on the fiber after stripping and fusion splicing.


Specialty Formulations

MUV's state-of-the-art research facility is constantly pursuing new technological advances in the UV Curable coating arena. Please contact MUV's customer service department to discuss your application.  


English/Chinese/Japanese Inquiries are welcome.


KlearShieldTM and SpectraShieldTM are trademarks owned by Hexion Inc. 


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