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 About Versatic Acids & Derivatives
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About Versatic Acids & Derivatives

All Versatic™ acid and derivatives contain a unique highly branched non-polar alkyl group. The structure is then modified with different chemical functionality to allow it to be reacted into a variety of polymers, chemical compounds and products. 

The bulky, highly branched, aliphatic Versatic structure will improve hydrophobicity, hydrolytic stability, alkalinity resistance, UV stability and chemical resistance. The nonpolar nature also causes systems to exhibit improved flow, leveling and adhesion.

Several families of Versatic Acid based compounds are available based on the functionality of the reactive group. With Glycidyl, Vinyl and Acid functionality, the versatility of these products is limitless. 

While some are commonly used as a building block, monomer or modifier for acrylic, polyester, vinyl, urethane and epoxy based resins, others are used as additives, chemical intermediates and reactive diluents. Versatic derivatives are suitable for use in aqueous, solvent, powder and other 100% solids systems.


Due to their unique chemical structure, Versatic acid and derivatives are the first choice co-monomers to improve performance in a wide variety of coatings applications:

  • High performance coatings for automotive, industrial maintenance, marine, civil engineering, plastic, concrete and wood
  • Decorative paints for interior and exterior applications on a variety of substrates
  • Chemical Intermediates for the manufacture of agriculture and pharmaceutical products
  • Metal extraction and stabilizer applications in a wide variety of industries
  • Metal salts for the manufacture of peroxide initiators, paint driers and tire adhesives 
  • Pressure sensitive, wood, laminating and construction adhesives


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